Touchdown Fever! by Telmark a rare 70s football arcade gem

Here is a late 70s sports videogame, Telmark Touchdown Fever! (1979). In over twenty years of collecting, I’ve never seen either arcade game outside of promotional materials. One wonders how Touchdown Fever! compares to Atari Football. Please get in touch, if you have any leads.

Telemark's Touchdown Fever!

Update: A cabinet did turn up August of 2021. The seller ended up not being a man of his word and backed out of an agreed upon deal. These sorta thing happens in this hobby. Of note, the game is more of a simulation that action-packed video game. Limited plays are picked via a membrane keypad and executed on the screen. Not terribly exciting, but that would help explain why so few of them exist. It’s interesting to see what concepts were tried within the limited constraints of the technology of the time.

Touchdown Fever! cabinet
Game screen
Screen in action
Control panel
Membrane control panel
Instruction card
Instruction card
Serial number
Low serial number no. 239

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