Rare Late 70s Sports Videogames: Telmark Touchdown Fever! and Wesco Systems Basketball

Here are a couple of late 70s sports videogames, Telmark Touchdown Fever! (1979) and Wesco Systems Basketball (1978). In over twenty years of collecting, I’ve never seen either arcade game outside of promotional materials. One wonders how Touchdown Fever! compares to Atari Football. Looking closely to the Wesco Basketball flyer, the monitor displays Basketball from the Atari 2600. The cabinet is similar to the cocktail style of Ramtek Hit Me. Please get in touch, if you have any leads for either game cabinet or part.

Telemark's Touchdown Fever! Wesco Systems' Basketball

Update: A Touchdown Fever did turn up August of 2021. The seller ended up not being a man of his word and backed out of an agreed upon deal. These sorta thing happens in this hobby. Of note, the game is more of a simulator as plays are picked on a membrane keypad and execute on the screen. Not terribly exciting, but I guess why so few of them exist. I thing I have more pictures elsewhere and will update if I can find them.

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